Nick Redgrave completed his basic medical and surgical training in Melbourne in 1985 and was awarded the TF Ryan Medal in Clinical Medicine, and later completed a Master of Surgery after a year of performing microsurgery and writing a thesis regarding kidney transplantation. He completed Urological surgery training in 1993 and received the Keith Kirkland prize in Urology. He then undertook a fellowship at the Institute of Urology in London, receiving advanced training in Reconstructive Urology and Andrology before returning to Melbourne to commence Practice at Bayside Urology and to join Monash Medical Centre as a consultant urologist in 1995.

Mr Redgrave is a senior urologist at Monash Medical Centre and a specialist in reconstructive and cancer surgery.

He is a member of the Urology Society of Australasia, the American Urological Association and the AMA and has been on the Medical Advisory Board at Como Hospital for over a decade. Mr Redgrave was on the Victorian Urological Training, Accreditation and Education Committee for six years, and still has an active involvement in urological training.

Mr Redgrave has extensive experience and expertise in the management of urological cancers, especially prostate cancer surgery. He also has wide experience in microsurgical vasectomy reversals and local anaesthetic vasectomies.

Mr Redgrave calls patients personally with test results as they come to hand, as new information often results in new queries and concerns, best answered and allayed immediately.




Kevin Chu was born and schooled in London and attended Medical School at the the prestigious University of Cambridge. After completing his basic surgical training in the UK he moved to Melbourne for his advanced Urological training. He then returned to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge for a fellowship in robotic urological surgery. This is one of the busiest units in the UK where he worked with one of the UK’s highest volume surgeons in Robotic Prostatectomy. He holds a significant public appointment at Monash Health and works as a private urologic surgeon at Holmesglen Urology.

Mr Chu is a fellowship trained robotic surgeon with an interest in cancer and minimally invasive surgery.

He is a member of the Urology Society of Australasia. On returning from fellowship he joined Western Health and became deputy head of the urology unit there. He was also the principal investigator for the “Navigate” active surveillance trial. He has since stepped down from Western Health to focus in the South-Eastern corridor at Holmesglen Private, Knox Private and Monash Health public.

He will discuss your condition with you in a language that you can understand and keep you and your GP involved in your care at every stage of your journey with us.

He is extremely dedicated and hard-working doctor and his focus is high-quality patient-centred care. He will listen to your problems, needs and expectations and tailor a solution to you, be that medical or surgical.

Prompt correspondence with referring practitioners is also a cornerstone of our practice and Holmesglen Urology can offer appointments for new patients in 1 to 2 weeks.